Posted by: benhmurray | November 25, 2009

And for my next trick…

So the feature on catching large perch for the Angling Times is finished and will be in next Wednesday’s (2/12/09) edition.

Now I need something else interesting and toothy to motivate me to spend weeks and weeks on the bank. I enjoyed the perch challenge but they’re not a huge fish and it’s been a few weeks since something put a proper bend in my rod.

I think a large pike could be just what the doctor ordered and for some time it’s been an ambition of mine to catch an esox lucius weighing over twenty pounds. I’ve come pretty close in the past with fish weighing up to 18lb 8oz but I’m really after a twenty, or even bigger…

Some new sea baits and fresh deads will be needed, as will some new extra-strong traces. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on over the next few days.

Tight lines,


A nice pike, if only it were a little bigger than the bait...



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