Posted by: benhmurray | March 17, 2010

Biggest pike of the season?

A friend just sent me a link to a forum post with an image of a huge pike which, if accurate, will be one of the biggest landed this season in the UK.

As far as I can make out – and I apologise to the captor if any of the information is incorrect – the giant essox weighed 42lb 8oz and was caught from Hickling Broad in the Norfolk Broads, East Anglia (UK) by Charlie Bettell, a well-known fishing guide and photographer.

Charlie Bettell's huge Broads pike

I’ve yet to see a confirmed press report of this fantastic fish but I hope all the information is correct and that Charlie (or someone associated with him) has indeed landed what is a truly gigantic specimen and a pike to be immensely proud of.

Maybe this week’s Angling Times will reveal more.



  1. That is some pike and caught from a houseboat! I see Bettel is getting a lot of grief for releasing the details of the capture.

  2. it wasnt actually caught by charlie, he was the person who posted it of a forum and many believe the fish to be a fake, personally i cant see anything wrong with the fish.

    have been wrong before though

  3. Interesting. I can’t see someone with the profile of Charlie Bettell posting a fish he knew or suspected to be fake.

    Then again, the photo does look almost too big to be true. But how many people have seen a 40 in the flesh. I hope it is real.

    Have to say I disagree with releasing the name of the Broad where it was caught though. Come 16th June it’ll be packed with anglers launching all sorts into the water.

  4. In the opinion of a good friend and photographer (he was on the staff roster for Getty for years so he knows what’s what) the photo could be genuine:

    “assuming you are wondering if the fish has been put in there, i would say no, it is real. but its impossible to say at this res…”

  5. the only thing thats wrong with pic and could suggest a fake is that thurne pike tend to be quite long with huge heads, just thinking back to the 45lber last year that was a long fish.

    hope it is real though but shame about the amount of preassure the thurne system will now get when the circus decends on it.

  6. I should add a caveat to this: as stated, I assumed the fish was Charlie’s (or someone associated with him) as he posted the pic, so in the absence of further info…

    If you know more, please do tell.

  7. Mystery solved!

    Congratulations Craig – looking forward to next week’s AT.

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