Posted by: benhmurray | April 6, 2010

Nice start for Slow Death

I went for a short session on a nearby lake today to test out some of the new Mustad Slow Death hooks and it turned out to be a good way to spend an evening, mainly due to the greed of a tiny pike.

I only went to have a few casts and experiment with a few different rigs and set-ups (having dug some suitably snake-like worms up from my garden for bait) and after about ten casts I angled one close to the bank, only for it to be swiftly taken up by something a few seconds after starting a slow retrieve.

It was so small I thought it’d come off or I’d hooked a tiny perch, but it turned up to be the smallest ever pike I’ve ever caught at about 6oz. It was squarely hooked in the mouth and was a perfect predator in miniature.

The smallest pike I've ever caught but still most welcome

Of course, it was returned alive and well as I hope to catch it in a few years time when it’s bigger than the bait I’m using! Thanks micro pike for making my evening trip worthwhile.


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