Posted by: benhmurray | March 10, 2010

Cast a vote please

Fishing has an ability to make anyone feel good about themselves – the achievement, after all, of catching a wild fish is entirely yours to cherish forever – and this extends to people from all walks of life and all situations.

I was prompted to think about this after my friend Rebecca posted a blog about a most worthy US charity, The Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute, that takes people out fly fishing to help them overcome the sort of hurdles that life throws at you sometimes – a subject extremely close to my heart.

A fishing buddy and a nice fish - a great combination

A fishing buddy and a nice fish - a perfect combination

This year they want to take a group of wounded soldiers to Hawaii to fly fish but they need votes to secure funding. All it takes is a few seconds of your time and it could make all the difference to ten worthy individuals. This is the voting link:

Please read Rebecca’s excellent blog about the charity, vote and send this link to your friends and family.

Just remember how good it felt when you last hooked up on a nice fish, and then consider how good that would make someone less fortunate than yourself feel…


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